by Richard Strauss

Ohio University; Unrealized Design
Kennedy Museum of Art
September 2014

Instructor: C. David Russell

     Scene design and exhibit design have many similarities but exhibits have specific and unique requirements.  I was charged with designing the exhibit based on the Arms and Armor collection, while focusing on one room to create renderings.  At the completion of the project, the Kennedy Museum of Art curator and administration associate critiqued our designs.

     The ground plan I designed creates a preplanned path that directs the viewer though the gallery in chronological order.  I focused on the entrance of the gallery which needed an interactive element.  After the guest walks past two suits of armor and a "castle" archway, they see a map on the opposite wall which shows the order of rooms within the gallery.  Handouts of this map could also be given as a memento for the guests to take home.  On the left, replica horses with armor and a knight with a banner showing the gallery logo could be seen. Guests could dress in armor and then "ride" the horse and have their photo taken.  This would be a fun activity and would promote the gallery when the photos are posted on social media or shown to friends.


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