A Midsummer Night's Dream
by William Shakespeare

State University of New York at Binghamton
April 2013

Adaptation and Direction by:
          Tom Kremer & Rodrigo Nunez
Scenic Design: Glenn Pepe
Lighting Design: Joe Beck
Costume Design: Andrea Lenci-Cerchiara
Sound Design: Craig Saeger
Composition: Santino DeAngelo

This production was a collaboration between Binghamton University and DUOC University in Chile. To our knowledge, it is the first production to be performed bilingually without supertitles.

The directors wanted the production to be influenced by the art nouveau style so the colors and line shapes from this time were used. The moon is referenced many times throughout the script so a large translucent moon was used as well as a raked platform that "reflected" it. The color of the moon could be changed with light so that it disappeared during the court scenes, was realistic during the woods scenes, and glowed red during fairy scenes or whenever magic was used. To separate the interior and exterior scenes, art nouveau lamps were used behind a scrim. They could be seen when side lit, but when the bulbs alone are on they acted as stars. Three traps were used as entrances and exits to the ferry world and allowed the actors to appear and disappear magically.


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